Deco Mesh vs EasyMesh vs OneMesh vs Omada Mesh

20. March 2023 TP-LINK

Omada Mesh, Deco Mesh and OneMesh™ are three different mesh WiFi solutions from TP-Link. And now some TP-Link WiFi routers, range extenders and powerline WiFi adapters are also compatible with EasyMesh to form flexible mesh WiFi. All four have some functions in common, but can still be used in different scenarios.

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What is OneMesh? TP-Link’s Software Update for better WLAN

26. July 2022 TP-LINK

With OneMesh, existing routers and WLAN components from TP-Link become mesh-capable via a firmware update, i.e. they can be combined to form an intelligent network with a uniform SSID (network name). A normal network is supplied by a WLAN router. When the connection is poor, many users resort to a repeater.

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