Success Story – Coffee Machines of the Future

6. May 2022 Success Story / Teltonika

Revolutionary inventions have reshaped how we function as a society and as a species, but none of them would be possible without the unsung hero of innovation: coffee. A cutting-edge coffee machine malfunctioning is a serious matter, as few devices contribute to making the world go round as much as coffee machines do. So when the local barista can no longer supply people with their cup o’ joe in the morning.

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TRB141 – New industrial LTE gateway from Teltonika

28. August 2019 Teltonika
Robust industrial GPIO LTE gateway from Teltonika LTE gateway from Teltonika We are pleased to present you a completely new product from Teltonika Networks to be able to introduce - the TRB141. This industrial LTE Cat. 1 gateway is equipped with multiple input and output options including digital, relay, analog [...]
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