APA-1 – Protect your automotive router powering!

15. March 2024 MikroTik

APA-1 is an Automotive Power Adapter with overvoltage protection and other safety features to protect your LtAP and other devices from aggressive vehicle environments. Failed car battery, harness coupling, jump-starting or even just switching the AC unit – nasty voltage spikes can occur anywhere, anytime! The built-in gas-discharge tube is an elegant, clever solution.

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Success Story – MikroTik LtAP mini LTE kit – as secure as a bank

14. July 2021 MikroTik / Success Story

Techno Trade from Uzbekistan had the contract to upgrade the ATM network of a large banking company. The main task was to connect 50 ATMs to the headquarters. All ATMs should receive Internet over 3G / LTE and use an encrypted channel.

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Mikrotik LtAP LR8 LTE kit for LoRa®

8. January 2021 MikroTik
MikroTik products for LoRa® like the LtAP LR8 LTE kit are now ready for use with "The Things Network" - the famous open source infrastructure that offers free LoRa® network coverage and countless apps for your needs. With the help of "The Things Network" you can start the Internet of [...]
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The new LtAP – a powerful 4G (LTE) access point with GPS support

23. July 2019 MikroTik
The new LtAP is a compact 4G (LTE) -capable, weatherproof WLAN access point - perfect for busy urban environments or off-the-grid outdoor networks. It has an integrated cellular modem that supports 4G (LTE) connectivity - no additional devices are required, it is ready to use right out of the box. [...]
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MikroTik new announcements May / June

7. June 2019 MikroTik
MikroTik has announced some new products for the coming weeks. In summary, there will be additions to the following three product series: new dual band 2.4 / 5 GHz wAP ac LTE kits with two gigabit ports new industrial 2.4 GHz LtAP LTE kits with many expansion options LHG 60G [...]
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