Global Connectivity with FMX150 Devices

8. December 2022 Teltonika

All-in-one solution in fleet management! Yes, you read that right. Let us introduce you the FMx150 trio – Teltonikas newest members of the CAN device category! No need for an additional CAN bus adapter, reading more parameters, electric vehicle support, easier installation and configuration – FMB150, FMC150, and FMM150 come with all this and even more!

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Teltonika – Application of the Global Connectivity Solution

30. March 2022 Teltonika
One application area of Teltonika Telematics' prepaid SIM and eSIM connectivity solution, which we have already featured, is vehicle tracking. Many transport businesses are regulated by governments worldwide. For example, lorries must be equipped with digital tachographs so that the data is sent according to a schedule; E-TOLL, modern toll [...]
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Teltonika – Global Connectivity Solution

29. March 2022 Teltonika
Teltonika Telematics prepaid SIM and eSIM Connectivity Solution leverages global mobile network to connect devices anywhere providing control over connectivity and device activation through an easy-to-use management platform. Teltonika Telematics prepaid SIM and eSIM Connectivity Solution for Things makes IoT simple. It leverages a global mobile network to connect Teltonika [...]
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