Pi BPI:Bit-Robot – Expansion board

17. April 2023 SinoVoip

The BPI:Bit-Robot is a development board from SinoVoip designed mainly for intelligent cars and robots with a BPI bit or micro bit as the core module. At the same time, it also takes into account the ordinary IO extension function, which makes it easier for users to use their imagination and create more usage possibilities. There are also two types of power supply modes.

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BPI-A-005 – Prototyping Pi Board

16. December 2022 SinoVoip

The prototype development module BPI-A-005 from SinoVoip is designed specifically for the Banana Pi. The module is suitable for enthusiasts and users who want to add peripherals to the module. The module expands some amphenol and SMT connectors, so users can easily finish prototype tests. Typical applications: Hardware weld primer, Prototype experiment, DIY enthusiasts

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