Success Story – UniFi Provides Wi-Fi to Outdoor Music Festival

29. September 2022 Success Story / Ubiquiti
The Hangout Music Festival is an annual outdoor music festival that began in 2010. Held in Gulf Shores, Alabama, USA, it is a widely popular event sponsored by MTV. The three-day festival features some of the world’s most popular musical acts and attracts about 40,000 people every year. JMF Solutions [...]
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LPB-6-60 and B4BE-6-60 – the new panorama antennas

26. May 2021 VARIA
After 5 years of excellent service, the LPB- / B4BE-6-60 antenna series is receiving a product update to meet the growing demand for even more frequency bands. The new LPB-6-60 and B4BE-6-60 from Panorama Antennas look similar to their predecessors, but cover 600 MHz to 6000 MHz (6 GHz), so [...]
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The official RF Elements RoadShow in Germany

23. May 2018 VARIA
At the official RF Elements RoadShow, the manufacturer is presenting the revolutionary Horn antenna technology and demonstrating the function of its antenna solutions with application examples. It makes clear the newly developed properties of its radio solutions for today's complex challenges. Secure your place now (the training is free of [...]
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SIKLU: 60, 80 GHz radio link alternatives

5. February 2016 VARIA
Before the developments in Siklus, millimeter wave frequencies resembled a trip to Antarctica - very few made it to their destination and those who made it paid a high price for it. The introduction of Siklus all-silicon radio technology, however, meant the revolution: prices could be reduced by 90% and [...]
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