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28. April 2023 Hutter

Kids are playing with apps on their smartphones, gaming on their tablets, or playing games on their consoles. The selection of analog games is as fantastic as it is varied.

In addition to purely analog games, the range of games with electronic support, such as through the additional use of apps, continues to increase, combining two worlds into one great experience.

What games could you use to drastically reduce screen time in the home soon and don’t feel like downloading new apps? We present three convincing implementations for the game table from HUCH! and Megableu.

Crack the safe as a burglar in Bank Alarm by Megableu.

There are four different roles to fill to get to the big loot – act as a team, manage your equipment and play through 5 difficulty levels.

2+ persons from 7 years | variable playing time

In Stop the robots the kids have to save the city from crazy robots!

The game contains numerous puzzles, the solution of which must be transmitted to a virtual contact via a walkie-talkie. Suspense, action and logic fun all in one!

1+ person from 7 years | Playing time approx. 10 min.

The quiz game “Really now?!” makes daring claims in which the children have to decide at lightning speed: True or false?

The virtual quizmaster guides through the game, manages the points and chooses funny questions.

2+ persons from 8 years | Playing time approx. 30 min.

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