ANEL-Elektronik AG – Firmware update 6.4 + New in development
4. October 2018 VARIA

The new firmware from ANEL-Electronics has been completed and stands for the models NET-PwrCtrl – ADV, HUT and IO ready for download.

The manufacturer is also introducing the new, small HUT (DIN) rail model NET-PwrCtrl ONE ™.

New in firmware version 6.4:

– Plain text backup system. Settings can be changed and loaded.
– Individual functions can be reset to the factory settings.

Direct download from the manufacturer:

New in development – NET-PwrCtrl ONE HUT:

The current development provides for the following properties:

  • A relay controlled via ethernet / internet with the web browser, worldwide control.
  • No software (except web browser) required to control or adjust the bar.
  • Can be used by any operating system (with a web browser).

Electrical measurement:

  • Voltage RMS
  • Active power (W)
  • Current RMS
  • Apparent power (VA)
  • Grid frequency
  • Reactive power (VAR)
  • Power factor (cos φ)
  • better than 0.5% accuracy
  • 3 electricity meters (2 can be deleted)
  • HTML of the pages can be changed and loaded onto the bar.
  • Automatic IP assignment: DHCP
  • Automatic time setting from an SNTP server
  • Call via host name = e.g. https: // net-control or IP
  • Name / position / function with max. 35 characters
  • Free choice of HTTP port (0-65535), so several devices can be addressed from the Internet
  • ‘HoldOn’ buttons: Relay or IO is switched on as long as the button is held down.
  • 4 timers + 1 sun timer per socket with TimeLine display.
  • Exceptions (day / month): All timers are skipped on selected days.
  • Plain text backup system: Settings can be changed and loaded.
  • Keepalive function: A network device can be queried via ping and – if it does not respond – be disconnected from the power supply for an adjustable period of time.
  • Automatic and time-delayed (0 – 18.2 h) switching on the sockets after the start (power failure).
  • Switching can also take place as a pulse (0 – 65535 sec.).
  • Relay can be blocked.
  • Wake on LAN
  • User system with assignment of rights.
  • Log of the last 128 events, power failures are registered (remains without voltage)
  • UDP interface and URL interface for integration into your own software
  • LabView Virtual Instrument for UDP interface.
  • Multi NET-PwrCtrl controls all devices in the network (also as C # source code).
  • Firmware upgrade via Ethernet possible at any time (Ethernet bootloader)
  • Stable HUT housing

To the manufacturer:
The company ANEL-Elektronik has specialized primarily in the manufacture and sale of sockets that can be controlled via Ethernet / Internet with a web browser.
This is possible from any operating system worldwide; additional software is not necessary.

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