Your dreams will come true – UDM UniFi Dream Machine
13. December 2019 Ubiquiti

The UniFi Dream Machine is the easiest way to introduce UniFi in homes and businesses.

Build with the Ubiquiti UniFi® Dream Machine, Model UDM, your home or office network. Equipped with a fast 1.7 GHz quad-core processor, the UDM combines several functions in a single elegant device:

  • Powerful 802.11ac 4×4 Wave 2 Access Point (AP)
  • Managed 4-port gigabit switch
  • Advanced security gateway

the UDM is the ideal UniFi device. It is easy to use and still offers all the advantages of UniFi for private households and companies. Easily expand the UDM by adding more UniFi switches or APs while managing the network with the integrated application. The UniFi Network app and the UniFi Cloud allow remote access to the applicartion from anywhere. The entire network can be kept up-to-date and secure with automated software updates that are free of charge.

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802.11ac Wave 2 has in fact become the WLAN radio standard, regardless of the environment.
For home use, extremely high throughput (4×4 MIMO streams) is required for streaming video, low latency games, and local video, photo and file transfers. The UDM offers the required high-performance WLAN and has integrated Ethernet ports for connecting local media.
The UDM is also ideal for corporate use: it fits in high-density environments as part of the overall corporate network – such as small business offices, retail stores, and hospitality businesses. You can also expand the WLAN coverage by adding additional access points via the integrated switch.

Powerful security

The UDM offers extended firewall guidelines and continuous threat management in order to function as an intrusion prevention system (IPS) and intrusion detection system (IDS).

Automatic QoS

The highest QoS priority is assigned to voice and video traffic for clear calls and lag-free video streaming.

Convenient VLAN support

The UDM can create virtual network segments for security and network traffic management.

VPN server for secure communication

A site-to-site VPN secures and encrypts private data communication over the Internet.