8. November 2019 VARIA

The Asymmetrical Horns from RF elements was named Product of the Year 2019 at WISPAPALOOZA!

For the wireless fixed line and broadband connection industry it is WISPA The voice. WISPA represents entrepreneurs and innovators who are using fixed wireless technology to deliver fast and affordable broadband Internet service in their communities.

The approximately 800 members are made up of representatives from the industry and experienced wireless Internet service providers (WISPs). Members who support fixed wireless broadband, including equipment suppliers, support services, and other component suppliers. Members and WISPs in general provide broadband access to more than 4 million residential and business customers, often in rural areas!

Asymmetrical Horn TP antennas from RF elements have an asymmetrical radiation pattern and a groundbreaking TwistPort ™ (TP) connector. The antennas offer excellent noise suppression, network scalability and increased throughput. They are an addition to the successful symmetrical horn antennas.

The asymmetrical Horn TP antennas have a unique beam shape. The beam cross-section in the bore field of view is elliptical: wide in the azimuth and narrow in the elevation plane. This is useful for deployments where an asymmetrical beam shape provides better coverage.

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