VARIA Supplier Friday: QuWireless
20. November 2020 VARIA

In week 23 of the VARIA Supplier Friday, everything revolves around QuWireless!

To give you an overview of the products that you can find in our online shop, we introduce one of our manufacturers or suppliers to you every Friday. We go further in ours introduction of participants with QuWireless.


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At QuWireless, professionals are constantly working on various projects. Given the current demand in the market, it is very difficult to find a suitable solution for the requirements of all potential customers. Nevertheless, they always strive to meet everyone’s requirements by going through a fundamental process of planning, designing and manufacturing the systems each time.

QuWireless is the successful subsidiary of Wireless Instruments Ltd.

To maintain the high standards and provide the best products and documentation to all customers, Wireless Instruments engineers work with the latest versions of CAD / CAM engineering software. All the designs are carried out according to the requirements and suggestions of all clients to create a complete and perfect product. Their professionals have worked with many well-known companies and helped them develop their products.

Three popular products at a glance:

QuWireless QuSpot for Teltonika RUT900 / 950

The QuSpot Omni LTE antenna for the Teltonika RUT950 or RUT900 router is a perfect outdoor device for mobile and fixed installations such as industry, video surveillance, hotspots, yachts, boats, mobile homes, mobile homes, etc. It also has Omni-Wi-Fi -Integrated antennas. If you use the RUT950 or RUT900 with QuSpot antenna, you get a complete solution with an integrated router and multiband antennas in one housing.

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QuWireless QuRJ45-L – IP68 RJ-45 plug adapter for outdoor use, 380 mm

Waterproof RJ-45 external adapter for all Teltonika routers. The standard length is 380 mm.

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QuWireless QuPanel LTE HP MIMO 4×4 – Directional high-performance multiband LTE-MIMO 4×4 antenna

The QuPanel LTE directional antenna MIMO 4×4 with high gain is used for high 4G LTE categories from Cat. 5 to Cat. 19 used. The antenna improves the signal in rural / suburban areas and in places where the cellular signal is weak. This antenna can be installed on buildings (on the mast or on the wall). Due to the very wide working frequency range, the antenna is a universal client for LTE bands such as LTE700 / 800/1800/1900/2100/2300/2600.

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