VARIA Supplier Friday: AAEON Technology Inc.
11. September 2020 VARIA

In week 13 of VARIA Supplier Friday, everything revolves around AAEON Technology Inc.!

To give you an overview of the products that you can find in our online shop, we introduce one of our manufacturers or suppliers to you every Friday. We go further in ours introduction of participants with AAEON Technology Inc.

AAEON Technology Inc.

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AAEON was founded in 1992 and is today one of the leading designers and manufacturers of advanced industrial and embedded computing platforms. It is committed to innovative engineering and produces integrated Industry 4.0 solutions as well as the latest AI hardware and IoT solution platforms.

Constantly striving for innovation and excellence, AAEON became a member of the ASUS Group in 2011. This enabled the company to further strengthen its leadership position, access advanced technologies from ASUS and use resources within the group. AAEON is poised to offer more diverse embedded products and solutions at higher quality standards to meet world-class design and manufacturing requirements in the years to come.

UP is a brand founded by AAEON Technology Europe in 2015. The UP team aims to innovate in terms of technology, business models and integrated solutions. It works with leaders in various vertical markets to develop integrated solutions. The goal is to build a large online community that works closely with developers.

Three popular products at a glance:

UPCP-CR-NPL4-A10-002 – UP Net Plus with Intel (R) Cyclone (R) 10 GX

Net Plus is a carrier board extension that was specially developed for the new UP Core Plus board. The Companion Board in credit card format has 4x Gigabit LAN, mPCIe for AI Core or 3G / 4G modem, SATA and USB 3.0 connections.

Net Plus has two configurations: 4x i211 Ethernet port version and 4x i210 Ethernet port version. With i210, TSN can be supported for a real-time solution.

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UPS-APLX7-A20-0864 – UP Squared Board ATOM Quad Core 08/64

UP Squared, the first x86 computer board with an integrated FPGA, 8 GB RAM and 64 GB eMMC. UP Squared takes over the 40-pin GP bus of the first UP generation, but offers more I / O interfaces and more CPU performance.

The board was selected by Intel as its AI vision development platform and certified by Microsoft Azure and AWS Green Grass. There are more than 600 validated UPM sensors for UP Squared.

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AAEON EP-CBUSB10PFL01 – USB 2.0 pin header cable

AAEON EP-CBUSB10PFL01 – USB 2.0 Pin Header Cable
With this cable you can connect USB devices internally to the mainboard.

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