24. April 2020 VARIA

We’re excited to announce that VARIA is now the German sales partner of Cambium Networks!

Cambium Networks delivers quality through design, manufacture, testing, partner selection and support. Its aim is to ensure the network operators’ trust in a responsive and reliable communication infrastructure.
Customers choose Cambium Networks solutions over other systems because they “just work” the first time – and don’t stop. You understand and appreciate the requirements of business-critical communication and deliver solutions that protect your necessary connectivity.

At VARIA you will find a growing range of Cambium Networks products, service, advice and technical support!

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Wireless Fabric Intelligent Edge Solutions

The wireless structure of connectivity solutions makes the network resilient, easy to use, powerful and agile. It thus offers cost-effective connectivity for network operators.
Cambium Networks’ point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, WLAN and narrowband radio infrastructure can be used for enterprise edge, IIoT industrial access and home access applications. The entire dedicated end-to-end network is managed by cnMaestro ™ from a “bird’s eye view”. All Cambium Networks solutions are supported by their global organization. It offers 24/7 support services tailored to your business needs.

cnPilot R200P EU – 802.11n single-band 300 Mbit / s WLAN router with ATA and PoE

cnPilot R200P EU extends the range of the provider indoors and optimizes components for a simplified network. As a versatile multifunctional WLAN access point, it offers visibility and comprehensive troubleshooting via remote access.

Cloud Management:

  • Supported by Cambium’s cnMaestro (TM) Cloud Manager, which provides comprehensive visibility of the network and customer devices
  • Out-of-the-box zero touch onboarding
  • Status alerts and dashboard views
  • Multiple management options available including cloud-based, TR-069, SNMP and an extended set of RESTful interfaces

Highly integrated:

  • Cambium’s WLAN routers simplify the home network indoors. In a single device, they combine frequently required functions that are often put together by different manufacturers.

Cambium Networks ePMP Force 300-13

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Cellular carriers and businesses around the world are faced with the challenge of providing reliable connectivity in crowded environments. As the spectrum available continues to shrink, finding the right broadband connectivity solution is critical for all types of deployments.

The ePMP Force 300-13 is a powerful yet affordable subscriber module that is compatible with the ePMP 3000 Access Point. It can also work with the ePMP 2000 using its forward compatibility features to facilitate migration to 802.ll ac Wave 2 technology.

The ePMP Force 300-13 has an integrated 13 dBi antenna with a narrow beam width. It is the cheapest 802.11AC Wave 2 subscriber module. The built-in 13 dBi antenna is ideal for customers who are near a radio tower and need high-speed internet packages that are only available for AC Wave 2 products.