8. February 2024 Ubiquiti

UniFi Identity is the ultimate on-premises solution for seamless access and control, with single-site support.

Grant One-Click WiFi, One-Click VPN, Door Access, and EV Charging permissions to your users and let them effortlessly access these features — all with a simple click.


It runs on any UniFi Cloud Gateway (Dream Machine Pro, Dream Machine Special Edition, Dream Wall, Dream Router), the Network Video Recorder and Network Video Recorder Pro, and the CloudKey+.

  • Ensure your UniFi Console is not running UniFi Identity Enterprise. If it does, you must remove your UniFi Console from your Identity Enterprise workspace first.
  • Only UniFi Console Owner, Super Admins, and Admins with full OS setting management can assign Identity features to users.
  • Ensure your UniFi OS version is 3.2.5 or later.
  • Ensure your console module supports the Identity features.

Key Features

  • Touchless Door Access: Unlock doors simply with your phone.
  • One-Click WiFi: Instantly connect to your organization’s WiFi, without entering credentials.
  • One-Click VPN: Remotely access your organization’s network, without entering credentials.
  • Effortless EV Charging: Power up your electric vehicles with ease.


Transition Between UniFi Identity and UniFi Identity Enterprise

UniFi Identity Enterprise is Ubiquitis cloud-based IDaaS solution. For console modules that support Identity Enterprise Agent, you can activate it and experience the next level of security, multi-site support, seamless 3rd-party service integration, and other powerful features.

Can I upgrade and downgrade sites between Identity and Identity Enterprise?
Yes. To upgrade, simply click the Identity Enterprise tab in your console in Site Manager. To downgrade, simply remove a console from your Identity Enterprise workspace, and you will have the option to preserve users in Identity.

  • To upgrade from UniFi Identity to UniFi Identity Enterprise, the UniFi OS owner needs to activate Enterprise first.
  • To downgrade from Enterprise to UniFi Identity, the UniFi OS owner needs to remove the UniFi Console from the Identity Enterprise workspace.

Can I switch between the different Enterprise plan options in the middle of a billing cycle?
Yes, you can switch at any time and your account will be charged or credited based on the percentage of the billing cycle left at the time the plan was changed.

Is it available outside of the United States?
UniFi Identity Standard is available globally. Additionally, the UniFi Identity Enterprise Basic plan is available globally.

Currently, UniFi Identity Enterprise paid plans are only available in the United States.


ApplicationCompact, second-generation NFC card reader and request-to-exit device that supports hand-wave door unlocking.

  • Unlock using an NFC card or UniFi Identity mobile app
  • Additional handwave unlock functionality
  • Entry and exit greeting messages
  • Connects to UniFi Access Hub using PoE
  • IP55 weather resistance (-30°C to 45°C)
  • Networking interface: (1) 10/100 MbE RJ45 port
  • Connectivity: BLE 4.1
  • Power method: PoE
  • Supported voltage range: 48 V DC

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