2. November 2022 Panorama antennas

Every year teams of small 1000cc-or-less cars race thousands of miles across the globe from the UK to Ulan Ude to raise money for charity in the ‘Mongol Rally’.

In summer 2017 Team Rainbow Dash, a team of three Englishmen, aimed to complete this feat and yet maintain connectivity despite the remoteness of their journey.

They wanted to be able to still engage with their regular work and upload photos and videos of the trip and keep those following back at home updated. The team were undertaking this incredible race to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support and Cool Earth.


The Client

Slingshot6 offer a great range of products and solutions to provide rapid, temporary, or long term internet connectivity. They specialise in solving complex, tricky and frustrating connectivity challenges.

Their signature CloudCase® is a portable connectivity case with an integrated battery built to provide the best possible internet service anywhere for a limitless number of applications!

“The mechanically robust LPB-7-27 is a perfect match for our rugged go anywhere portable CloudCase® and provides us with reliable high gain cellular signal wherever it its deployed”
– Martin Langmaid, SlingShot6 Technical Director


The Antenna – LPB-7-27
Two of Panorama Antennas’ LPB-7-27 antennas are used in SlingShot6’s CloudCase® products to provide high gain cellular connectivity.

The LPB-7-27 extremely robust low profile antenna for 4G/3G/2G at 700-2700MHz, making it an extremely high-performing and versatile product. The robust high impact radome is almost impervious to daily wear, tear and impact.

The CloudCase® also utilises Panorama Antennas’ EF-W24 to provide easy WiFi connectivity to the system allowing a simple and robust WiFi connection. This antenna is ideal for discreet applications being easily installed and leaving no trace.

The Solution
The CloudCase® provided by SlingShot6 utilising the LPB-7-27’s enabled the team to stay connected online over their journey and race.

The team raced over 19 countries, covering 15,000km over 35 days and throughout this feat they were able to remain in contact with those back at home, share photos and videos, check out places to stay along the route and call for help whenever they needed to.

Team Rainbow Dash became the communications hub for other teams along the journey helping them stay connected, they were even able to organise a party in Almarty, Kazakhstan!

Through their impressive feat, the team were able to raise over £2,000 for charity with the help of SlingShot6 and Panorama Antennas!

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