11. August 2020 Teltonika / VARIA

congratulations to Teltonika Networks for successful certification in Japan and Australia. Congratulations also on the new sales partner in Indonesia.

Each country has its own rules and guidelines for the import and use of electronic telecommunications equipment. So do Australia and Japan, both of which have their own certification requirements. Without the corresponding certificates, companies are not allowed to sell products in these countries. For this reason, Teltonika Networks has successfully certified part of its product portfolio with GITEKI and RCM certifications. here you can review all product certifications.

Giteki certification Japan

For Teltonika Networks, Japan is a country with great potential in the area of IoT, M2M and industrial connectivity. For this reason, they have translated their website into the Japanese language and their bestsellers – RUT240 , RUT950 and RUT955 – certified with the GITEKI certification. Now, together with current and future partners, they are ready to offer Japan some of the most valuable connectivity solutions from their extensive product portfolio.

[button text=”RUT240″ link=”https://www.varia-store.com/de/produkt/97692-teltonika-rut240-lte-router-industrieausfuehrung.htmll” style=”info” size=”normal” target=”_blank” display=”inline” icon=”no”]

xt = “RUT955” link = “https://www.varia-store.com/de/produkt/97328-teltonika-rut955-lte-router-3x-lan-1x-wan-gps-eu-version.html” style = “info” size = “normal” target = “_ blank” display = “inline” icon = “no”]

[button text=”RUT950″ link=”https://www.varia-store.com/de/produkt/97212-teltonika-rut950-lte-wlan-router-eu-version.html” style=”info” size=”normal” target=”_blank” display=”inline” icon=”no”]

RCM certification Australia

Another achievement of Teltonika Networks is the achievement of the Australian certification, which is known as RCM – Regulatory Compliance Mark -. Without them, it would be impossible to legally use their products in this market. So what did they do? They took their best-selling products and the products they thought would be best suited for this market and had them successfully awarded the RCM certification. These products include LTE gateways of the TRB1xx series and industrial cellular routers RUT240 , RUT950 , RUT955 , RUTX09 and RUTX11 . It is evident that Australia is a clear leader in the region when it comes to the demand for industrial IoT cellular gateways and routers.

[button text=”RUTX09″ link=”https://www.varia-store.com/de/produkt/99565-teltonika-rutx09-industrieller-lte-mobilfunk-router.html” style=”info” size=”normal” target=”_blank” display=”inline” icon=”no”]

[button text=”TRB1xx series” link=”https://www.varia-store.com/de/suche/search-TRB1.html” style=”info” size=”normal” target=”_blank” display=”inline” icon=”no”]

[button text=”RUTX11″ link=”https://www.varia-store.com/de/produkt/99611-teltonika-rutx11-next-generation-lte-cat-6-industrieller-mobilfunk-router.html” style=”info” size=”normal” target=”_blank” display=”inline” icon=”no”]

New partnership with the Indonesian market leader

Building a business that can stand the test of time requires a strong network. Choosing the right partner is one of the key elements to success. As the Teltonika IoT Group is celebrating its 22nd anniversary, they are pleased to officially announce their new partnership with a leading and very experienced ICT distributor in Indonesia – Synnex Metrodata Indonesia.

We believe that Teltonika Networks products will be a strong addition to our portfolio and we are honored to become the sole distributor for this brand.