7. April 2020 Teltonika

Global markets, businesses and people around the world are facing an unprecedented reality regarding the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and any safety measures being taken to control the situation.

Everyone comes together to find new solutions to the problems they face. Some call it the greatest “work from home experiment”. However, all companies are looking for new opportunities for connectivity solutions. This article would like to Teltonika Help you understand how wireless connectivity technologies can help.

Work From Home Connectivity

Working from home presents many challenges – sitting comfortably, enough space for the whole family, noise and … the internet connection. While we can’t solve everything, we can at least help you overcome three main internet connection problems. This includes security, reliability, and ease of deployment.


Today, many employees rely on in-house corporate systems, various business applications, and databases for input, retrieval, and backup. These systems are too sensitive to be called off-site without additional protection. At the very least, it’s not recommended to access it from your home network. A simple solution can be virtual private networks or VPNs. Teltonika professional cellular routers support multiple VPN options to suit your company’s security needs.


Another important point is reliability. Home networks are not designed for business purposes. Imagine your whole family watching Netflix, playing online games and chatting with friends. You will find that you have barely any throughput left to browse – not to mention videoconferencing with colleagues. For this reason, it is best to set up a completely separate home network for your business needs. This can easily be done with one of Teltonika’s cellular routers.

Easy deployment

IT operators also have problems finding solutions that can be set up remotely and are easily scalable. When sending hundreds of people to work from home, you need to configure a large number of devices. Setting up with the appropriate credentials and VPNs for internal access to business applications is essential. In this case it is helpful that all Teltonika routers and gateways Compatible with the Teltonika Remote Management System, which allows full control of the router remotely. You can simply send the devices to the employees’ homes and set everything up – remotely. But not individually, because with Multi-Config you can set up an infinite number of devices at the same time!

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