The new QuWireless antennas suitable for RUTX12 and RUT360

30. March 2021 Teltonika
QuWireless is a Manufacturer who specializes in wireless systems. All components are manufactured by them in the EU. Your employees are made up of engineers and graphic concept designers, the right team to meet high customer expectations. With their latest product update for Teltonika routers, they also present new models [...]
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New at VARIA – 2 Teltonika routers: RUT360 and TSW110

26. February 2021 Teltonika

Although 2021 has only just started, Teltonika is pleased to offer two newly developed devices. With the RUT360 and TSW110 you can advance your IoT solutions! RUT360 is an updated version of Teltonika’s bestselling RUT240. This compact industrial cellular router offers the ability to connect to the Internet via cellular, Wi-Fi and wired networks.

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