Freifunk & free communication (part 2)

6. June 2016 VARIA
Technology and resilience of the network in Fürth Freifunk Florian Schimmer from Freifunk Franken shows us the technology behind the Fürth Freifunk backbone. We start at the relay station. There are currently three NanoStations M2 (Ubiquiti) active there. The Freifunk firmware runs on these, which directly uses the BATMAN Advanced [...]
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Interview Freifunk Chemnitz

18. May 2016 VARIA
Hotspot operators are liable for their users ... ... this is what the so-called liability for interference sees it. Until now. Just as we are creating the new edition of Wave and the interview with the Chemnitz Freifunkern has just started, Union and SPD surprisingly decided to completely overturn the [...]
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Freifunk & free communication (part 1)

10. May 2016 VARIA
Tim Niemeyer and Jörg Knapp from Freifunk Franken on the basic idea and network building in Franconia: More and more people are setting up and maintaining free networks on their own. The basic idea is that each participant offers other participants open peering and free transit. Every user in the [...]
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