13. November 2019 Success Story / Ubiquiti / VARIA

As every year, the TUfast eV association is building an electronic racing car, the eb019, and a driverless racing car, the db019, for the Formula Student series.

Around 80 students from various technical departments at the Technical University of Munich work for the project in order to then drive to international competitions together.

VARIA supports the TUfast Racing Team with a WiFi board from Ubiquiti. This WLAN board is built into the electronic control unit of the racing car. As an Ethernet bridge, it establishes communication between the converter and the Control Unit. At the same time, it makes the live telemetry data accessible to the race engineers via WiFi. In this way, critical parameters such as the battery temperature can be monitored while driving. In addition, logs of the journeys can be downloaded and software updates can be uploaded to the car via WLAN.

The wifi board helped us a lot. Without this equipment, we would not have been able to set up the telemetry so professionally.
Thanks to the support of VARIA, we have succeeded in developing and building the most successful Formula Student car.

The 2019 season was very successful for the TUfast Racing Team. The electric racing car won a total of four overall victories in Formula Student East (Hungary), Austria, Germany and Spain. The driverless racing car took second place overall in Spain.

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