18. October 2019 Success Story / Ubiquiti / VARIA

Visitors to major events in remote areas are often confronted with one central problem:

They have no cellular reception and communication with each other via smartphone is largely impossible.

So far, the more than 25,000 prospective doctors have also had this restriction during their five-day football tournament, the so-called Medi Championships 2019 in Thuringia.

But not this year!

An internal EventMessenger system made it possible to exchange messages independently of cellular network and internet access. As usual, our medis were able to arrange meeting points and exchange important information.

For this purpose, on the one hand, an internal Wi-Fi network was set up along a 700 m long test track in the event area, which encompasses 57 soccer fields. On the other hand, the festival visitors were provided with a specially developed messenger app, the “MediMessenger”. With this app, our medis could use the local intranet to send and receive messages, similar to a conventional messenger service.

As part of this beta test, ten access points provided Wi-Fi coverage across three stages and the campsite. Numerous load and stability tests were carried out in order to further optimize the reception area for upcoming events. VARIA supported the MediMemeisterschaften 2019 with the provision of the Ubiquiti hardware.

Technical details:
– 5x Ubiquiti UniFi AC Mesh Pro AP
– 5x Ubiquiti UniFi AC Mesh AP
– 1x Ubiquiti NanoStation 5AC
– 2x Ubiquiti NanoStation 5AC loco
– 1x Ubiquiti UniFi Security Gateway
– 1x Ubiquiti UniFi Switch 8 60W
– 2x Linux server with LTE link
– 400 m network cable
May every festival visitor enjoy mobile communication in the future.
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