29. November 2019 VARIA

As every year, Xanica Consulting GmbH, in partnership with KTEL Communications GmbH, is allowed to take part in the realization of the BMW Berlin Marathon.

But what exactly does that mean? EVERYONE wants to be online! For our 8-person team consisting of Xanica and KTEL employees, this means being at all event locations simultaneously for 2 weeks. 🙂

During this period, we take care of the construction of the infrastructure in the areas of the press center, the paddock, information points, lounges, staff and coordination offices, television stations and a complete exhibition area for 85,000 visitors. Even on the 42 km long route, we provide Mika Timing’s timing colleagues with redundant internet connections every 5 km so that everyone has clean times.

The facts of the marathon:

  • A total of 62,444 participants from 150 nations
  • and around 11,000 participants in the breakfast run
  • There were 44,065 finishers among the runners (30,775 men, 13,290 women)
  • and a time of 2:01:41 (annual world record)

Technical facts:

  • In 2017 and 2018 there were around 400 kilometers of route
  • This year we passed the 500 km mark with 502.76 km
  • There were more than 60 WLAN access points
  • Traffic: not yet available in detail (we assume almost 100 TB)
  • With the connection of the 3 main locations (Tempelhof Airport / Hotel / Strasse des 17. Juni) with minimum gigabit via fiber optic and radio link, no wonder

As in 2017/2018 and for the 2019 half marathon, we were actively supported by VARIA System GmbH.

We place the planning and implementation of the radio link and especially the 24/7 service during the entire period in the hands of the people of Chemnitz with confidence. Over time, VARIA has not only become a supporting service provider, but has now become an integral part of our team.


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