Success Story – Teltonika field reports of the RUT950
27. September 2021 Success Story / Teltonika

According to Juniper Research, 46 billion IoT devices will be connected to the internet by the end of 2021. That is an increase of 200% compared to 2016. They all use different methods such as the RUT950 for connection, but cellular has grown in popularity in recent years.

Security breaches can cost a fortune, as we’ve learned from the stories of some very well-known companies. The same goes for reliability. If a company cannot rely on the stability of the network, processes cannot run smoothly, which leads to data corruption.

Of course, security and reliability (in addition to ease of use) are key issues for every Teltonika Networks product.

Today we have selected a few use cases that we believe meet the high safety and reliability standards of the RUT950 routers from Teltonika represent. If the police and banking institutions trust him, why not everyone else, too, right?

RUT950 in police helicopters

Eyescan Securities Services is an expert in the development of security systems that detect intruders, control access and react to threats. When the Cypriot Police Aviation Unit made an inquiry to Eyescan, we were pleased that they found Teltonika products to be the best option.

The task was to install 2MP laser night vision PTZ cameras for coordinating fire fighting, search and rescue flights, traffic surveillance, etc. The challenge with this job was to have live video images transmitted to the police headquarters while the solution is controlled remotely.

Success Story – Teltonika field reports of the RUT950
Success Story – Teltonika field reports of the RUT950

Using a RUT950 Routers with the MIMO Mobile Roof SMA Antenna Combo turned out to be the best combination (as it provides a reliable connection with a backup and the high level of security required), supported by several hardware and software security functions of the RUT950 including intrusion prevention, multiple VPNs, firewall, access control, and more.

RUT950 in ATMs

Creative Technologies provides end-to-end solutions for ATM and POS networks, including software integration, ATM monitoring, maintenance and customer support. Providing a reliable connection to a network of ATMs is challenging and requires appropriate equipment.

Success Story – Teltonika field reports of the RUT950
Success Story – Teltonika field reports of the RUT950

RUT950 has two external cellular antennas, which enable a reliable connection even in remote rural areas. The device can be operated at -40 ° C to 75 ° C and withstands a humidity of up to 90%.

These are essential requirements for ATMs that are often located outdoors. Some banks that Creative Technologies looks after use different network providers with different connection technologies such as GPRS, SDSL, ADSL WiMax and LAN.