Success Story: “MikroTik ‘Firewall’ combats hail in Serbia”
21. February 2020 MikroTik / Success Story

Weather is one of the greatest risks to agriculture, especially destructive forces like hailstorms.

The people of Serbia know this very well and have found a modern solution to this old problem. An automated hail protection system to protect the plants. A monitoring and forecasting system with minimal on-site human intervention – this one MikroTik Solution saves money on so many levels!

In order to make this system work in a single intelligent network across the country, Serb officials faced several critical challenges:

  • Large distances between locations (up to 35 km).
  • Lots of hills in the region. The success of the project required carefully planned locations for nodes and stations, as well as a variety of tests and adjustments.
  • Large number of connections to reach all nodes and avoid interference.

Here is the solution:

LHG XL HP5 for PtP links over long distances,
mANTBox 19s for the knots,
NetMetal5 and 30 dBi parabolic antenna for more complex links,
as well as some routers for local network and energy management:
PowerBox ,
PowerBox Pro ,
RB2011iL-IN ,
RB3011UiAS-RM and
RB1100AHx4 Dude Edition

This system is safe and invisible to outsiders. All sites are part of the same private network that can only be accessed with one command from the radar center. It currently only covers part of Serbia, but they are working to connect it to similar systems in other parts of the country and create a single nationwide network.

And best of all, instead of costing the country millions, all of the MikroTik devices combined only cost around $ 370,000!

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