12. March 2016 VARIA

SolidRun – Internet of Things

For years the name SolidRun has stood for innovative ideas in the field of modular boards.

Now the Hummingboard series has grown and has been expanded to include the Edge, ClearFog and the sensational Gate version.
The latter is the board you’ve been waiting for to fulfill all of your IoT needs. It is based on the Freescale iMX6 series, a full featured, low power board that can run your MQTT broker to consolidate and route your IoT messaging.

You can expand collected data by simply adding more sensors using microUSB click boards, and then applying your node red flows to the collected data.

To collect and analyze data in real time, upgrade to a 4 × 4 MicroSOM and provide real-time visualization of your data points stored in Elasticsearch or MongoDB. You can also use the HummingBoard-Gate for your home automation, because it is fully supported by the OpenHAB home automation project.