23. November 2023 Ravensburger

Ravensburger has been producing attractive jigsaw puzzles of the highest quality since 1891. Their decades of experience in puzzle production and their high quality standards make the hearts of all puzzle fans beat faster.

For beginners, advanced players, children and adults – there is the right number of pieces and the right motif for every puzzle lover.

Escape from everyday life and immerse yourself in the Ravensburger puzzle world with its wonderful landscapes, famous cities, animals of all kinds and much more. Recognize how one piece fits the other and find your puzzle favourite – like all their products, of course, in Ravensburger premium quality.


Jigsaw puzzles for adults and children

At Ravensburger, puzzle fans of all ages will find the right challenge. Their children’s puzzles are available from as little as 2 puzzle pieces for the youngest, right up to 300 pieces for the more experienced young puzzlers. There’s the right puzzle for every age group here! The range of adult jigsaw puzzles impresses with a magnificent variety of motifs in various numbers of pieces from 200 to 40,320 pieces.

Online puzzlers will also find what they are looking for: With the corresponding puzzle app, Ravensburger puzzles can be placed online.


Ravensburger Puzzle – With a passion for quality since 1891

Jigsaw puzzles: piece by piece to happiness

Why jigsaw puzzles are so relaxing

In everyday life, our heads are constantly spinning. Doing a jigsaw puzzle is a wonderful way to focus your thoughts and relax. Our minds have a clear task: to put together the puzzle motif on the packaging piece by piece. To achieve this goal, our hands sort hundreds of small puzzle pieces according to shape and color. There is no room for distracting scraps of thought. Those who fully engage with a puzzle achieve a mental state known in psychology as “flow” – the perfect mix of relaxation and focus. There is another aspect to puzzling: The uplifting feeling of mastering the chaos and creating a unit out of colorful jumbled puzzle pieces. Every piece of the puzzle is a small moment of happiness.


Quality of Ravensburger jigsaw puzzles

Getting a little better every day – that is their claim

They therefore select their materials and puzzle motifs with great care and experience. A Ravensburger puzzle offers premium puzzle quality in terms of content and material. Discover the Ravensburger quality features at a glance:

  • Handmade punches
  • Precise craftsmanship
  • No two pieces of the puzzle are alike
  • Precisely fitting and kink-resistant puzzle pieces
  • Made from recycled cardboard
  • More than 130 years of experience

Accuracy of fit: No matter how big or small a Ravensburger puzzle is – every piece is full of precision. This is because the handmade punching tools ensure that each puzzle piece fits perfectly to its neighbor.

Special cardboard and paper: With their special cardboard, they create special values: The orientation and length of the cellulose fibers are optimally matched to puzzles and guarantee the highest quality. Of course, their cardboard is environmentally friendly. They only use special linen-embossed paper for their puzzle prints. This minimizes reflections and light reflexes on the puzzle.

Uniqueness: Their hand-drawn puzzle templates and specially developed tools make the puzzle pieces their own personalities. That’s why you won’t find any identically shaped puzzle pieces in a 1000 piece puzzle. Each puzzle piece is unique.

Quality controls: Puzzle quality is lived at Ravensburger – day after day. Their ongoing checks ensure that only the best products find their way to you. Toys for children are particularly close to Ravensburger’s heart. That is why our controls even exceed the strict legal requirements.

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