10. May 2023 Aaeon

As AI and Industry 4.0 technologies continue to mature, industries and manufacturers are realizing the importance of Smart Manufacturing.

More than just utilizing computers, Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 encompasses the entirety of the production chain, before and after the production floor.


Compact Embedded Boards                   Rugged Embedded Box PCs                   Embedded AI @ Edge Platforms

By utilizing embedded technologies in industries 4.0, tasks from assembly to quality assurance and even worker safety can be handled by AI powered machine vision and edge computing systems.

AAEON provides a wide range of products to supply and facilitate every aspect of Smart Manufacturing. Aaeon products are built rugged to withstand the harsh environments of factories and industries, able to operate where the work is.

This ruggedness helps to bring AI edge solutions to the workplace where connections to cloud based solutions might be unreliable.

AAEON offers everything from embedded industrial boards to turnkey compact AI edge platforms and expandable machine vision systems.

AAEON also has a range of IIoT and AIoT gateways and devices to provide total connectivity throughout the workplace.


           Machine Vision Platforms                                          AI Modules                                              IIoT and AIoT Nodes

With ever increasing reliance on automation, it’s often easy to overlook the human element in Smart Manufacturing. AAEON offers a range of rugged panel PCs and tablets for man-machine interface and field applications.

AI edge and network video systems can also be used not only to provide security through virtual fence applications, but also enhance worker safety by recognizing and ensuring workers are equipped with necessary protection and safety gear.


  • AI Edge Computing
  • Machine Vision and Learning
  • Human/Machine Interface
  • Virtual Fence
  • Smart Safety


                       IIoT and AIoT Gateways                                                                         Rugged Panel PCs

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