13. March 2020 VARIA

For more than 20 years the name PC Engines has stood for a reliable brand in the field of single board computers.

PC engines was founded in 1995 in Sunnyvale, California and relocated to Glattbrugg, Switzerland in 2002. Since then her focus has been on her own branded products.
In addition to the ALIX series, PC Engines is best known for its APU series.

The APU4 system board is a cost-effective single board computer (SBC) based on AMD Embedded G-Series processors for a wide range of applications such as (wireless) LAN routers, firewalls, load balancers, VPN routers, thin clients, compact servers, NAS, etc.

This board version is intended for applications that require 2x 3G / LTE modems. SIM sockets can be exchanged under GPIO control, which enables failover between two different networks even if only one modem is used. Another feature is the build option for a regular PCI Express slot on the side.

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The APU4C2 is new!


  • Reduced power loss between V3 and V3A (SD card compatibility)
  • Fixed USB header J12 pinout
  • SIM switch changed to FXLA2203, FXLA2204 is EOL
  • 10-pin LPC header to enable future TPM options

ALIX board: cost efficiency through a space and power saving network component

Due to its modular design, the hardware of PC Engines enables numerous applications from the area of embedded devices such as thin clients, bandwidth management, security (firewalls) or routing. The boards are also ideal for multimedia applications.

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We, your VARIA, offer our customers the right accessories for the ALIX and APU series, such as housings, power supplies, storage media and brackets.

Our extensive range provides you with everything you need to develop and assemble small, powerful servers for your network security, wireless networks or embedded applications.

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