24. May 2022 Panorama antennas

The GPSD4-6-60 is an advanced 4G/5G, GPS/GNSS and WiFi antenna with a shark fin style housing.

The case includes a 4×4 MiMo antenna function for 4G/5G (617-960/1427-6000MHz), up to 6×6 MiMo dual-band WiFi supporting WiFi 6e.

It can contain up to 4 active antennas for GPS/GLONASS/Galileo/BeiDou, each with 26 dB gain LNA and advanced filtering for operation in LTE band 13/14.

Additionally, there is an integrated bolt mount for an external whip antenna.

A top cap is supplied if this whip position is not needed.

The antenna should be installed on a metal plate when using a communication whip.







When a whip is not needed, it can be mounted on a non-metallic plate and still provide similar performance.

The shark fin design offers multiple antenna functions while remaining unobtrusive.

It is suitable for public safety (overt/covert), industrial and transportation applications where a cost effective, efficient and robust antenna is essential.

Because the antenna requires only a single hole to be drilled, it reduces vehicle damage, installation time, cost and visual impact while protecting the vehicle’s resale value.


5gGPS/GNSS data

  • Frequency range (MHz): 1562-1612
  • Gain, LNA: 26dB
  • Polarization: Right-hand
  • Rejection of interference outside the frequency band:> 40dB (+/- 100MHz f); Notch filter at 787MHz: 23dB

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