29. October 2019 Ubiquiti / VARIA

Ubiquiti launches the Ubiquiti Speedtest, the first public test network integrated with enterprise network devices.

Ubiquiti Speedtest includes a network of test servers and the possibility of speed tests. The analysis results include uplink / downlink throughput and latency. Sharing the results is easy and can be done both via email and social networks.

Public and private test servers

Ubiquiti Speedtest offers a global network of test servers with a growing density. The network consists of Ubiquiti servers and privately hosted servers. Service providers, companies and private users can host public and private test endpoints.

By hosting their own test server, service providers will be better able to troubleshoot customers’ connection problems. In addition, employees and IT specialists get more accurate results in the shortest possible time. The tests can also be carried out between multiple locations. Service providers also benefit from brand visibility, as the name of the provider is always visible in the test window as well as in the WiFiman app.

Easy setup of a test server

The following is required to set up the test server:
Linux server or VM: Ubuntu is recommended, the required CPU capacity is low.
Stable full-duplex 1 Gbit / s internet connection for public hosting. In rural areas and areas with poorly developed Internet infrastructure, slower connections can also be sufficient.
Static public IP address.

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The Docker image is automatically updated after it is set up. To create your own test endpoints, simply run the installer on your server. All you have to do is enter your company name and address for the website.

Options for running a speed test

The tests can run over LAN, Wi-Fi or mobile networks. Ubiquiti Speedtest uses Ubiquiti test endpoints and offers automated and manual selection of test targets. There is also automated selection that uses a combination of geolocation and latency measurement to identify the best servers. In addition, the algorithm can use multiple parallel endpoints for the best measurement accuracy.

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By using the UniFi Network Application, companies can run automated, predetermined speed tests between their locations. The UniFi Application provides statistics on performance and network capacity.
The Ubiquiti WiFiman app has built-in speed test functions. In addition, the app includes a simple connectivity dashboard to help identify the cause of a connection problem.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions or assistance regarding the speed test.

We would be happy to call you back if you have any further questions about the speed test.
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