New: 3D puzzle sets from Cartonic
17. June 2024 Hobbies & Leisure

Create a small work of art from cardboard in just 60 minutes? It’s possible – with the 3D puzzles from Cartonic!

The Ukrainian company Cartonic has been creating box sets for making cardboard sculptures since 2022. Their portfolio includes famous personalities such as Albert Einstein and Elton John, as well as various animals and other decorative objects such as cars and famous monuments.

The special works of art come in individual pieces in a box. It comes with assembly instructions and two wooden sticks onto which the whole thing is then threaded. First, the parts must be separated from the cardboard base and sorted. They are all numbered, so this is not a problem.
Then you can start with the actual work and put the parts onto the wooden sticks one after the other. During the process, the result becomes visible piece by piece, which is really fascinating.
Working on the small sculpture is also relaxing.

Once you have threaded all the pieces together, close the cardboard bust with small wooden pins that snap into the rods. This ensures that they cannot fall apart.

Finally, the finished sculpture can be painted to your heart’s content. We used spray paint for this and opted for a slightly more colorful look. The result is impressive!

The 3D puzzles from Cartonic are a relaxing pastime with a really cool result. The sculptures look really chic and can easily be used as living room decorations. We can also imagine the box sets as a great gift idea. And (older) children are sure to enjoy it too.

New: 3D puzzle sets from Cartonic