NetMetal ax – the Mars rover of networking
21. May 2024 Electronics / MikroTik

Here comes one of your most versatile companions: the NetMetal ax!

A powerful long-range outdoor access point that thrives in any environment. Designed for extra durability, it can be installed almost anywhere with ease – you can open and close the case with one hand. The rated IP66 protection will keep the device safe from dust and powerful water jets – in damp attics and elevator shafts, bustling docks, or coastal tower structures. No terrain is too rough for the NetMetal ax – the Mars rover of networking!

NetMetal ax – the Mars rover of networking

It features a modern dual-core ARM CPU, Gigabit Ethernet and 2.5 Gigabit SFP for fiber connectivity, a USB port and a miniPCIe slot that allows further customization.
You could, for example, add an LTE modem for a mobile internet backup – we’ve added a NanoSIM slot on the NetMetal But there are also other options, like adding a gateway for LoRa IoT setups, such as our R11e-LR8.

A powerful dual-band and dual-chain Wi-Fi 6 radio provides higher speed, stability, security, roaming, power management and other features compared to previous wireless protocols. Two RP-SMA
connectors allow adding an antenna of your choice for distances up to 30 kilometers. If necessary, you can adapt the NetMetal ax for lower range use with such antennas as our HGO-antenna-OUT screw-on omni antenna unit. It provides 3.3 dBi gain for the 2.4 GHz band and 5.5-7.1 dBi gain for the 5 GHz band.

NetMetal ax – the Mars rover of networking