MikroTik switch with 40 Gbps QSFP +: CRS326-24S + 2Q + RM
17. September 2019 MikroTik

CRS326-24S + 2Q + RM – MikroTik’s fastest switch for the most demanding configurations

If you work with a significant amount of data, such as providing internet access or maintaining a huge data center, this is the perfect upgrade for your setup. CRS326-24S + 2Q + RM is the first product from Microtik with 40 Gbps QSFP + ports for remarkably fast and stable
Fiber optic connection.

In total, the switch has two 40 Gbit / s QSFP + ports and twenty-four 10 Gbit / s SFP + ports. These offer a non-blocking throughput of 320 Gbit / s and a switching capacity of 640 Gbit / s with a forwarding rate of 252 Mpps for most common packets.

CRS326-24S + 2Q + RM is easy to manage – it has a full-size USB port for configuration and dual power for redundancy. This means that there is no unexpected downtime, your customers and colleagues will thank you! You can choose between MikroTik’s legendary RouterOS with numerous functions for booting or a simpler, yet powerful SwOS. If you want to use routing and other Layer 3 features in your CRS, use RouterOS.

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