6. March 2020 MikroTik / VARIA

The MikroTik CAPsMAN and Hotspot course offers a simple and practically illustrated introduction to the subject of “Public Wi-Fi”.

In addition to some basics about WLAN networks and regulations, you will get a good overview of MikroTik’s central WLAN management, called CAPsMAN, and the integrated hotspot.
These topics are illustrated with practical examples and you will go through various exercises step by step.

Also advanced topics like:

  • one SSID for different networks
  • one SSID and different PSK
  • multiple hotspots on one system

are cut. Thanks to MikroTik RouterOS, such installations are also possible without RADIUS, which is explained in the course.

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This course is aimed at anyone who is interested in setting up an internal or public WLAN that is very scalable, high-performance, durable and centrally controlled.


What is WiFi

  • Firewall introduction
  • Firewall technologies
  • Firewall architectures

The OPNsense® firewall:

  • channels
  • Frequencies / bands
  • Transmission power
  • Regulations


  • species
  • Antenna gain
  • VPN
  • dBi / dBm / EIRP


  • What is CAPsMAN?
  • What is CAP
  • Functionality (BTLS -> Tunnel to the CAP)
  • Establishment-CAPsMAN
  • Establishment-CAP


  • Functionality / basics
  • Hotspot files – edit linear compatible
  • Set up
  • User
  • Walled Garden
  • IP binding

Advanced Setup:

  • WiFi separation
  • 1 SSID with many networks
  • 1 SSID with different PSK
  • Multiple hotspots on one system