10. July 2017 Jovision

Jovision N5FL-DT – the IP camera with night vision function

It is supplied with 12 V alternating current, and of course it is also available as a separate model with power supply via PoE.
The area of application is both inside and outside.

In the test, we operated the camera with the NVR software from Jovision for Windows. Use with the Jovision NVR recorder is of course also possible.

Taking over the camera in the NVR and configuring it was done in a few minutes and the system worked for half a day to test as an entrance alarm system in our technical department.

The software is not overloaded and can be operated intuitively, the transfer of the settings to the cam and the implementation of these took place in seconds.

There was no configuration scenario in which we had to wait a minute for active operation.

As expected from Jovision, the image quality and reaction speed of the camera are very high. Switching from day to night vision takes less than a second and the aperture is adjusted immediately afterwards. This is clearly noticeable in the live stream despite the TCP delay – very much in the video recordings.

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