8. May 2020 VARIA

Safer, smarter homes thanks to Z-Wave.

Z-Wave is the smart choice for smart homes. With the largest selection of smart home products, Z-Wave offers more choice for homeowners and tenants. What does that mean for you? It means that you can customize your smart home to suit your needs.

There are many colors, styles, and device types to choose from. With easy-to-install and advanced options, Z-Wave offers solutions for every home. Regardless of whether you already have a Smart Home or want to set up a new one, the Smart Guides will help you to find the right products.

The Smart Guides can even help you find the right starter kit so you can have peace of mind whether you’re interested in home security, energy saving, protecting your investment property, or simply the convenience and convenience of a smart home want to enjoy.

Smart lighting

Smart lighting refers to any lighting product that you can control from your smartphone. These can be light bulbs, light switches, dimmers, relays, plug-in modules or sockets.

With the intelligent lighting with Z-Wave you can control your light remotely, switch it on, switch it off, dim, brighten it or change the colors, while you use your smartphone from your couch or are outside the house.

You can also create schedules for your lights to turn on at specific times or set them to turn on when your door lock is unlocked when you arrive home.

With smart lighting, you can really control the energy consumption of your smart home. Don’t worry anymore if you left the lights on!

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Smart locks

Safer, smarter homes are equipped with Z-Wave. Smart locks keep you safe so you know who’s coming and going at home.

Once the Smart Lock is connected to the Smart Hub, you can access your lock remotely. This means you can check that your door is locked no matter where you are, so you never have to wonder whether or not you locked the door again. If you haven’t locked it, just lock it with your smartphone. When you’ve locked it, your app will show you the door is locked and you can continue your day normally.

Gone are the days of losing or forgetting your keys when you installed a smart lock. You can lock and unlock your doors remotely from anywhere in the world to let someone in, e.g. B. a housekeeper or plumber. When they leave, you can lock the door again so you know your home is safe.

Smart locks come in all shapes – latches or levers – and colors so you can choose the best option for your smart home.

Smart sensors

Smart sensors detect changes in your home environment and give your home a new level of security.

Has movement been detected in the living room while you are away? Was a door opened during your vacation? Has smoke or water been detected? Receive a notification on your smartphone to make sure your home is safe. They come in different forms – motion sensors, door / window sensors, smoke sensors, water sensors and much more.

A smart sensor cannot be controlled from your home, but it detects changes in your home environment and sends you an alert on your smartphone.

Receive these notifications so you can call the authorities or raise an alarm. With intelligent Z-Wave sensors, you can get real-time status updates on what is going on in your smart home.

Z-Wave manufacturer

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