1. December 2023 Hasbro

Hasbro presents numerous highlights for Christmas that no wish list should be without.

These include old classics in new variations. These not only evoke nostalgic feelings, but also provide a completely new gaming experience, such as Twister Air, 4 Wins: Battle and Jenga Maker.

There are also special editions of the beloved classics that present the game principle in a new guise.

Of course, Hasbro also has new games up its sleeve that are particularly interesting for older and experienced players.

Hasbro simply knows how to appeal equally to all types and classes of players.

No mat? Exactly! Twister Air from Hasbro brings the fun of movement from the mat to the screen! In this app-based Twister game, the party starts on your smart device.

The game contains 8 colored Twister Air bands and a stand for the smartphone or tablet.

To get started, download the Twister Air app (free to download – data tariffs and in-app purchases may apply) and attach a smart device to the stand, then put on the straps and let the action begin!

While the music plays, the players try to match their ribbons with the color fields on the screen. The aim is to stretch, groove, clap and bend.

The more color dots are hit, the higher the score. Whoever has the most points wins! A previous record can be beaten in solo mode. The Twister Air AR app game is great for parties and an exciting children’s game for game nights.

The popular 4 wins meets Nerf, the cult dart fun. “4 wins Battle” from Hasbro is an exciting and active game in which players use the included Nerf blasters to shoot strategically at the colorful discs.

Players fire their Nerf darts simultaneously and try to be the first player to line up 4 discs of their own color.

Form teams, start building and race for the crown. The Jenga Maker game from Hasbro is an exciting, fun edition of the classic Jenga game. D

he players form teams and try to complete their Jenga object with the Jenga hardwood blocks before the others.

A team member describes the building shown on the map. The others try to complete and crown it as quickly as possible based on the description. Watch out! If a team builds the structure incorrectly or the object collapses, they have to start all over again.

The first team to complete and crown 3 buildings is the winner. It’s a fun, challenging game that combines friends, skills, excitement, fun and a bit of luck.

Looking for a great game for a family game night? The buildings for beginners and advanced players make Jenga Maker an ideal game for adults and children aged 8 and over.

Two hungry hippos compete against each other in Hasbro’s exciting marble munching game. Fast-paced fun is guaranteed when the players simultaneously press the tail of their respective hippos and try to eat the marbles rolling around.

Whoever munches the golden marble first wins. Even when things get wild, the dome prevents the marbles from getting lost.

The funky and quirky hidden object game for ages 5 and up from Hasbro in a revised edition. Pictureka! is teeming with fun for the whole family! Keep your eyes open: Who can find the whimsical pictures on the task cards in the fun crowd?

Sometimes the thing you’re looking for is hiding in the strangest place. Whoever finally finds it shouts “Pictureka!”.

Cluedo Holz Edition


It’s hard not to be amazed by this elegant special edition of the famous board game Cluedo Holz Edition from Hasbro: packaging, game pieces and weapons made of wood – and all in an elegant retro look that’s hard to resist.

Dungeons & Dragons


The game “Dungeons and Dragons: The Yawning Portal” from Hasbro takes players to the tavern “The Yawning Portal” and invites both D&D experts and beginners to a new D&D experience.

This iconic inn attracts adventurers who have one thing in common: They are hungry and have a very special taste. As the tavern keeper, the aim is to match the food to the orders shown on the hero cards.

For each matching dish, players receive colored gems (and points) as well as a bull’s-eye bonus if the entire order has been fulfilled. You can earn more points by mastering additional tasks.

Whoever has collected the most points at the end wins! The colored gems that appear most frequently on the board have the highest value.

So strategy is required to influence the points. This D&D game is a great gift for D&D fans and beginners alike.

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