8. September 2017 Teltonika / VARIA

The new 3G / 4G routers of the RUT2xx series from Teltonika are available.
With the RUT230 and the RUT240, two new models are available.

In the following we would like to introduce these two models to you in more detail.

The RUT230 / 240 are compact, inexpensive and powerful industrial routers for professional applications. These provide high performance for business-critical cellular communication, for example for a solar installation, in order to be able to call up the data there. Equipped with an external SIM card holder and signal strength LEDs, they ensure simple network management. External antenna connections allow the antennas from the scope of delivery to be exchanged for external antennas in order to achieve the best signal quality.
The 2xx models are very small (83 x 74 x 25 mm) and inexpensive routers.

Both models are supplied with a plug-in power supply unit, the antennas required for WLAN and 3G / 4G, a LAN cable and a quick guide.

RUT230 :
The RUT230 is a 3G router with a maximum download rate of 14.5 Mbps, making it the perfect M2M router for industrial applications. We almost reached this speed in our test.

RUT240 :
The RUT240 is the LTE variant of the router. In comparison to the RUT230, significantly higher data transmission rates are possible (LTE CAT4 up to 70 Mbps in the download). We achieved around 35 Mbit in our test, but the reception inside the building is not the best either. With good LTE reception and depending on the network load, 70 Mbit should be easy to achieve. Reception can easily be improved with remote antennas. The scope of delivery includes 2 antennas for LTE in order to be able to use both polarizations. Setup is quick and easy with this model too. The WLAN performance corresponds to that of the RUT230.


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Both routers are suitable for use, for example, in solar systems, wind energy systems and other places that are difficult to connect and where data must be transmitted. With the option of attaching them to a DIN rail using an optionally available DIN rail bracket, these routers are ideally suited for industrial applications as well as for M2M applications. But the routers can also be used very well in the home or in the garden.

The RUT2xx routers have an external SIM card holder, so the housing does not have to be unscrewed to install the SIM card. The configuration can be done conveniently via the Teltonika app (Android, iOS) via WLAN or via the browser via LAN cable. All you have to do is insert the SIM card, enter the APN and PIN for the mobile connection and set up the WLAN. The device already provides access to the Internet via WLAN (N standard, 150 Mbit gross) or one of the two LAN ports (RJ45).
Two Ethernet ports can be used to act either as the main Internet connection or as a backup connection.

In addition, you can manage your router remotely. With full support of the centralized Teltonika remote management system, you can access, control and monitor all routers (RUT2XX, RUT8XX and RUT9XX) within a single platform. This will help you make decisions about future installations and best use practices.

You can take a closer look at the RMS (Remote Management System) free of charge under the following link.

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