Cube Lite60, the new 60 GHz CPE from MikroTik
17. December 2019 MikroTik

The Cube Lite60 is the cheapest 60 GHz CPE for overcrowded radio spectra.

60 GHz networks are no longer a privilege. With the new MikroTik Cube Lite60 CPE allows you to create extremely cost-effective setups for the most demanding situations. Application examples include shopping malls, stadiums, industrial parks, busy urban areas, etc.

Connect up to eight of these units to a 60 GHz access point, such as the wAP 60G AP or wAP 60Gx3 AP . The result is a uniform and stable radio signal without interference from 2.4 / 5 GHz networks.

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The new 60 GHz CPE is designed to be less visible than a traditional CPE device. The effective point-to-point distance between the devices is up to 800 meters. With point-to-multipoint connections, the distance is up to 500 meters. You don’t have to share the frequency with your neighbors – choose 60 GHz, almost like a helicopter in a traffic jam!