Success Story “public Wi-Fi network in the city of Bad Elster” by innosaxess GmbH

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Project goal: Publicly accessible, free Wi-Fi network in the city of Bad Elster
Story text about the successful customer project: Matthias Stock - Managing director innosaxess GmbH

Information on the initial situation and brief description of the project
The Saxon State Spa Bad Elster planned to provide a publicly accessible, free Wi-Fi network for increasing guest orientation and attractiveness. This should primarily be realized at the most important places of arrival of the royal facilities and tourist attractions.

Furthermore, it should not only create the possibility of a free Internet access, but also the basis of new potentials of guest communication. The possibility of creating a network across a wide range of sub-areas of the facilities was important, as all relevant guests or target groups (e.g. swimming, culture, hiking, shopping) can be addressed collectively.

DEU/Sachsen/ Bad Elster (©Schlösserland Sachsen/Dittrich)Bad Elster Kurhaus
DEU/Sachsen/ Bad Elster (©Schlösserland Sachsen/Dittrich)Bad Elster Kurpark
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DEU/Sachsen/ Bad Elster (©Schlösserland Sachsen/Dittrich)Bad Elster Kurhaus
DEU/Sachsen/ Bad Elster (©Schlösserland Sachsen/Dittrich)Bad Elster Kurpark
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Special features and requirements
For the operation it was also mandatory to ensure a uniform landing page according to visual and functional specifications of the city of Bad Elster from where the registration procedure takes place as a start before the registration requirement. Thus, a consistent and legally secure access to the system has been provided. Furthermore, additional special requirements for the software and management system for tourist target achievement should be met.

Key data

  • 10 Clusters
  • 35 Access points
  • 5 feed points/Internet accesses with a total of approx. 1 Gbit/s
  • Shared user bandwidth of 20 Mbit/s each

Development area:
The site plan shows the complete development area as a map. (download as PDF)

Legend to the site plan:

  • C01 Church square
  • C02 Rose garden and gondola pond
  • C03 Light, air and swimming pool / Paul Gruner Stadium
  • C04 Parking area
  • C05 Open air theater
  • C06 Kurhaus and theater square
  • C07 Albertpark playground
  • C08 KunstWandelhalle
  • C09 Bathing place
  • C10 Fitness and motivity park
In the second quarter of 2019, 3 further clusters will be added in the Mühlhausen and Sohl districts.

After implementing the Wi-Fi network, Freie Presse Chemnitz writes as follows:

wifi@innosaxess: Bad Elster pioneer for Saxony

In the spa town of Bad Elster, the largest communal free Wi-Fi network in Saxony was put into operation on the 4th of December 2018.
Bad Elster marches at the head of progress - no other interpretation could be drawn from the broad smile of Mayor Olaf Schlott (Unabhängige Bürgerschaft). In the rose garden of the spa town, the public Wi-Fi network was put into operation in the presence of Christopher Scholz of the Broadband Competence Center Saxony. The free Internet with availability in currently ten areas (clusters) is the largest municipal offer to date which was set up in the Free State of Saxony via the "Digitale Offensive Sachsen".

With 146,400 Euros, the investment was not cheap - but thanks to 80 percent funding, it costs only 29,300 Euros for the city of Bad Elster. Well invested money, emphasizes Schlott. On the one hand, Bad Elster now offers residents and guests free Wi-Fi in good quality, on the other hand, it opens up completely new ways of communicating with visitors, said the mayor. The free Wi-Fi in town feeds on the interfaces fed by Chursachsen marketing director Stephan Seitz and is therefore up to date without any extra work instead of boring users with always the same content.

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Expansion stage 1 with 10 clusters includes the rose garden and flora temple, the stadium, bathing place, KunstWandelhalle as well as the light, air and swimming pool. Free surfing is also possible in the church square, the Albertpark playground, the Royal Spa House/theater square, as well as in the open air theater, the fitness and motivity park or the parking area. For users, a maximum bandwidth of 20 megabits per second is enabled to prevent single users from "blocking" everything.
The technical development was done without interfering with the cityscape and park landscape, said Matthias Stock from the Adorf innosaxess GmbH. The company, founded in 2017, supports cities and municipalities in setting up and operating their own telecommunication networks in the context of IT security and data protection.

About the company: innosaxess GmbH - Success through digitization

The aim of the company is to offer technologically innovative services and information technology products to customer groups with the need for progressive digitization.

Field of activity/services:
Consulting and services in the field of information and communication technology

  • Project planning and process support with a focus on digitization
  • Accompanying digitization projects in the context of IT security and data protection
  • Strategic development and implementation of ICT business models
  • Setup and operation of telecommunications networks (fiber/Wi-Fi)
  • Accompanying Smart City projects
  • Regional digitization projects in rural areas

Managing directors: Thomas Schulz and Matthias Stock

There's one thing that makes those involved in the free Wi-Fi in Bad Elster particularly proud: "It's a purely Saxon network," emphasizes Stock. The infrastructure was provided by the regional supplier "eins - energie in Sachsen" with its fiber optic broadband. There are five feed points. Before we could start, the company Elektro-Steiger from Mühlhausen had to do complex electrical work. "Worked wonderfully," says Stock. During the setup of the Wi-Fi network, innosaxess brought in Adorf-based radio Internet expert Klemens Pohl and Chemnitz-based VARIA System GmbH. Many hurdles could be overcome with a "certain cleverness", said the innosaxess CEO. In order to let locals and guests know where they can surf freely, the local advertising market Röh comes into play. The signs for labeling the clusters were created by them.

Bad Elster does not want to stop at the WLAN network put into operation on schedule. An expansion to more areas is imaginable, Schlott explained on request - and for the constant maintenance of the network, the city has signed a contract with innosaxess.

Stock thinks that digitization can also offer opportunities for care, service and participation in a spa town - without the analogue being eliminated. In Bad Elster's cultural temples, the music continues to be played analogously, he affirmed.
Additional information
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Author of the original newspaper article: Ronny Hager, Freie Presse
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