19. March 2024 TP-LINK

Monitor 24-hour clear and colorful details even in pitch dark night. VIGI’s Full-Color camera from TP-Link provides maximum 4MP resolutions and ensures colorful monitoring with its large-aperture lens, high-sensitivity sensor, and attached supplemental lights.


Outdoor PoE Connection, Simple Wiring

Just connect your camera via an RJ45 cable, then power supply and data transmission are all settled. Waterproof hardware protect stable performance in outdoor scenarios.

We keep an eye on your business.

Smart Detection: Receive notifications and check feeds when someone crosses a boundary, enters an area you’ve set, or obstructs the camera.

Motion Detection: Get instant notifications when your camera detects motion.

Area Intrusion: Set customized activity zones around key areas for more focused monitoring.

Line-Crossing: Set a boundary and receive an alert anytime a person crosses it from either or both directions.

Camera Tampering: Receive alerts when someone obstructs the camera.

Active Defense: Warn potential intruders instantly with sound and light when abnormal events

Every Event is Under Your Control.

VIGI camera intelligently detect activities, inform you instantly and response automatically by smart detection and two-way audio.


Never miss a colorful detail with SmartVid-Smart Video Enhancement.

Smart IR

Keeps objects from being under-rendered when far away or overexposed when close to camera at night.



Wide Dynamic Range

Adjusts for lighting contrast to minimize shadowing effects and renders images true to life.


Removes abnormal pixelation to provide clearer video and eliminate distortion.


More compression. More savings. Same quality.

Without using any extra bandwidth, your cameras transmit compressed crystal-clear video to save disk space, ease network loads, and reduce monitoring costs without sacrificing image quality.

**Calculations based on laboratory testing using a 3MP VIGI camera, and an actual performance may vary according to the amount of activity recorded, resolution and other variables.

Flexible Management and Storage

Take full control over your security via four management methods: the web UI, NVR UI, VIGI app, and VIGI Security Manger. Local storage is available for each method, as well as on-board storage with SD card slot (up to 256 GB).



  • Camera class: VIGI
  • Technology and conveniences: Full-Color

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