28. August 2018 Ubiquiti

New firmware with new functions

With version 2.3.1, Ubiquiti has now released the new firmware with some bug fixes, but also innovations in the UniFi OS Application. More details about the changes in the new version are available directly from Ubiquiti:

The WLAN access point – slim design with a super antenna

The innovative antenna offers full coverage, and the elegant design of the airCube enables the device to be set up anywhere.

With its compact design and integrated 24 V PoE passthrough, the airCube ™ is a Wi-Fi access point for the home that was designed for use with airMAX® CPEs and is available in two models.
Models: ACB-AC , ACB ISP

We have the airCube ISP ( ACB ISP ) unpacked and tested

The ACB-ISP Cube has 2×2 MIMO in the 2.4 GHz band, compared to the ACB-AC model with 2×2 MIMO in the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz band. The antennas are built into both models internally.

It is set up via WiFi and the free UNMS app, available for Android and iOS.

AirCube – new firmware for the mini WLAN access point with the super antennaAirCube – new firmware for the mini WLAN access point with the super antenna

The login for the initial configuration takes place by scanning the QR password code, which is printed on the back of the device packaging. After accepting the terms and conditions, the initial setup takes place, for which we did not need more than 1 – 2 minutes.

Note: We recommend this after completion and commissioning Change the default password .

If the airCube itself is used as an access point, we achieved net data rates of approx. ~ 50 Mbit in the 2.4 GHz band.

In contrast to the AC variant, no further WLAN options, such as the management of different WLAN profiles (e.g. limited WLAN times), can be configured on the ISP device.

The AC model offers more options for more extensive WLAN options.

The airCube ISP model is therefore only a simple and fast option for providing an additional access point to the customer CPE, for example.

UNMS support

The airCube can also be managed using UNMS.
With the Ubiquiti Management System (UNMS), the manufacturer UBIQUITI offers a central management of its EdgeMAX®, EdgeSwitch®, airMAX® and UFiber devices.

VARIA supplies the right hardware solution for this in a 19-inch rack housing with just one height unit or in a desktop housing for wall, table or top-hat rail mounting.
You can easily configure, monitor, upgrade and backup your Ubiquiti devices. Add your routers and switches. You can also integrate your wireless devices and optical GPON devices. And not only that. You can even manage your client APs with ease. Manage all devices with just one application: UNMS ™.

Energy-saving with the AMD APU and fail-safe thanks to the optional redundancy module; for professional network management of Ubiquiti devices.

The high-quality material (hot-dip galvanized sheet steel with powder-coated front panel) ensures stability and durability.

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Application example with airMAX®

The airMAX® AC BaseStation connects wirelessly to the outdoor CPE, which is connected to the airCube in the house.

24 V PoE passthrough

PoE passthrough powers a 24 V airMAX CPE device, so you can use a single power source (at least 24 V, 1 A PoE) to power both devices.

Model overview:

Models: ACB-AC , ACB ISP

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Please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions or assistance with implementation.

More information about the AirCube:

We would be happy to call you back if you have any further questions about Ubiquiti products.
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