Advent calendar special for Friday: RBWAPGR
11. December 2020 MikroTik / VARIA

Just in time for the weekend, we would like to introduce you to a special piece from our VARIA advent calendar – the MikroTik RBWAPGR!

The 11th door in the VARIA advent calendar opens for you today:

Of the RBWAPGR is a powerful wireless dual-band AP with LTE backup and two Gigabit Ethernet ports that is available in several versions.

Based on the popular wAP form factor, the device is weatherproof and suitable for outdoor and indoor installations. You can mount it on walls, ceilings, poles or on a flat surface.

The RBWAPGR is powered by a 4-core CPU with 716 MHz and 128 MB RAM, which is suitable for high loads. It is equipped with two Gigabit Ethernet ports as well as 2.4 GHz dual chain and 5 GHz dual chain WLAN for simultaneous coverage of two APs. It has a DC connection socket and supports 10-57 V power supply via passive PoE or 802.3af / at.

The device is now equipped with a micro-SIM slot for easier operation.

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Three models are available:

  • For international bands 1, 2, 3, 7, 8, 20, 38 and 40: wAP ac LTE kit (RBwAPGR-5HacD2HnD & R11e-LTE) with R11e LTE modem
  • For the international / USA bands 3, 7, 20, 31, 41n, 42 and 43: wAP ac 4G kit (RBwAPGR-5HacD2HnD & R11e-4G) with R11e 4G modem
  • Without LTE card: wAP R ac (RBwAPGR-5HacD2HnD)

Supplied parts

  • 24 V, 0.8 A power supply unit
  • Screw sets
  • Table stand
  • Metal ring
  • Plastic straps
  • Mounting base
  • Gigabit PoE injector
  • Ceiling bracket

Exciting discounts await you also in the coming week. Stay tuned!