netFiber 9 – a remarkable outdoor switch by MikroTik

netFiber 9
12. January 2022 MikroTik

netFiber 9 is a powerful outdoor switch with SFP, SFP+, and Gigabit Ethernet. It features a powerful ARM v7 CPU, 256 MB of RAM, 4x 10G SFP+ ports, and an advanced Marvell switch-chip that can handle even the heaviest loads. The Gigabit Ethernet port is not (…)

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RouterOS v7 from MikroTik – are you ready?

9. December 2021 MikroTik
RouterOS - the beating heart of MikroTik that rewards curiosity and sparks creativity. No matter how many Ethernet ports you have, what CPU you are running.. Even the smallest of routers can achieve greatness with this software. With any MikroTik device, you are getting full features. No paywalls. And now [...]
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Success Story – Aurora bridging 2 centuries with MikroTik

16. November 2021 MikroTik

Since its construction in 1900, the famous Russian cruiser “Aurora” has managed to survive the Battle of Tsushima, launch the October Revolution, take part in the Second World War, and finally retire. While this ship is said to still be fully operational, it doesn’t really …

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Your new VARIA Academy – 1st choice for training courses and webinars

3. November 2021 MikroTik / Ubiquiti / VARIA

Remodeling in times of a pandemic is a real challenge. We are all the more pleased to announce the completion of the new VARIA Academy. Discover our new rooms and our varied course program here. We are constantly adding to our advanced training […]

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MikroTik – 4 new products that make autumn more beautiful

15. October 2021 MikroTik
We all know the difficulties of managing many devices with different interfaces and communication protocols. You keep adding new solutions to your setup to keep up, but the older devices are still too good to be sorted out. How do you integrate them all into a single system that is [...]
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Success Story – MikroTik: Every cloud has a silver lining …

15. September 2021 MikroTik / Success Story

In times of global crises, there are opportunities that can be used or wasted. When the world was hit by the first wave of COVID-19, restaurants closed while YouTube cooking channels grew. Gyms closed while workout apps downloaded more than ever.

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RB5009 – New and double the performance with the perfect Home Lab Router – RB5009UG + S + IN

25. August 2021 Teltonika
MikroTik used the feedback from the MikroTik user meetings to develop the perfect home lab router: compact, powerful, with multiple power supply options and efficient cooling. The RB5009 UG + S + IN has everything and more! RB5009UG + S + IN The RB5009 router has 9 wired ports and [...]
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Success Story – MikroTik LtAP mini LTE kit – as secure as a bank

14. July 2021 MikroTik / Success Story

Techno Trade from Uzbekistan had the contract to upgrade the ATM network of a large banking company. The main task was to connect 50 ATMs to the headquarters. All ATMs should receive Internet over 3G / LTE and use an encrypted channel.

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MikroTik News in June 2021

23. June 2021 MikroTik
MikroTik announces some product changes and updates for June. You can find an overview here. MLAG on CRS3xx switches MikroTik continues to strive to involve its user community in the development of RouterOS. Once again, your functional requirements have become reality - with MLAG additions to the CRS3xx switches. The [...]
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MikroTik RBGESP – the best protection for your installations

21. April 2021 MikroTik

You can’t buy security, but you can still protect your setup from damage with an RBGESP surge protector. The RBGESP is a Gigabit Ethernet surge protector that can be used to protect the network from lightning or surge damage. A typical use case would look like this:

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