Success Story: “MikroTik ‘firewall’ fighting hail in Serbia”

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Weather is one of the major risks for agriculture, especially destructive forces like hailstorms.

The people of Serbia know this very well, so they came up with a modern solution for this ancient problem. An automated anti-hail system to protect the crops. A self-predicting command and monitoring system with minimal human involvement on the field – this MikroTik powered solution saves money on so many levels!

In their pursuit to make this system work across the whole country in a single smart network, Serbian officials faced several critical challenges:

  • Great distances between locations (as far as 35 km).
  • Lots of hills in the region. Carefully planned locations for nodes and stations and a large number of tests and adjustments were necessary for the project to succeed.
  • Large number of links required to reach all nodes and avoid interference.

Here is the solution:

LHG XL HP5 for long-distance PtP links,
mANTBox 19s for the nodes,
NetMetal5 and MikroTik 30dBi Parabolic Dish for more complicated links,
as well as some routers for local network and power management:
PowerBox Pro,
RB3011UiAS-RM and
RB1100AHx4 Dude Edition

Installation in Serbia


This system is secure and invisible for outsiders: the locations of each region are a part of the same private network, which can only be accessed with a command from the radar center. Currently, it covers only a part of Serbia, but they are working to connect it to similar systems in other parts of the country, creating a single, country-wide network.

And the best part – instead of costing millions, all the MikroTik devices combined cost the country around 370 000 dollars!
Network in Serbia


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