UAP-AC-IW-PRO – Wi-Fi from your Wall

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Now, the top model of the UniFi AC-IW series, the UAP-AC-IW-PRO, has shipped as well and we have taken the time to take a closer look at the mini access point.

With considerably greater performance and range (according to the datasheet more than 50%), the new PRO version could be a good alternative to the UAP-AC-IW.

Also because the included mounting plate ensures that the installation will be quick and easy.

Unlimited indoor AP scalability in a unified management system, breakthrough speeds of up to 1300 Mbps in the 5 GHz band, intuitive UniFi Controller software.
That is what the datasheet of the US American manufacturer Ubiquiti promises.

We have unboxed the mini access point and tested it in our VARIA test lab.

After the login, we can make use of the same features that we are already familiar with from the UAP-AC-IW or other UAP-AC devices (e.g. UAP-AC-PRO). Thanks to a variety of mounting holes on the special back plate, the PRO version can be mounted either in-wall or on-wall with a standard wall box no matter where you are in the world.

A separate mounting box, like you used to need for the UAP-IW, is not necessary anymore.

With the significantly stronger integrated antennas (one additional antenna channel per band, altogether 3x3 MIMO), the device provides a markedly greater coverage than the UAP-AC-IW.



Moreover, we can confirm the support of the standard. However, a PoE adapter is unfortunately not included in the delivery. That's why we used the UAP-AC-IW-PRO with the POE-48-24W-G during our test.

The Power of PoE


If you use the UAP-AC-IW in connection with a Ubiquiti EdgeSwitch or UniFiSwitch, there is no need for a PoE injector, since their PoE functionality can be used for power supply.

Additional Interfaces
The PRO version has three RJ45 ports:

  1. 1x PoE-OUT for connecting additional external PoE devices. For example a VoIP phone like the UVP-PRO.
  2. 1x LAN port: Can be used with tethered devices such as laptops.
  3. 1x LAN port: PoE-IN to power the device via PoE and integrate it into the network infrastructure.


In contrast to the UAP-AC-PRO, which comes with a USB port, the IW-PRO version is missing this useful feature.

Test results:
In close vicinity, we measured a net data rate of ~180 Mbit at 2.4 GHz and ~360 Mbit AC at 5 GHz.

On delivery, the device is already set to DHCP and is detected and registered in the UniFi Controller without any issues.



The installation/mounting of the device is indeed easily accomplished, as promised by the manufacturer, if there is a RJ45 connector already in the flush box.

Please note: We recommend you use a Cat. 5 cable or higher.

Aside from managing the UAP-AC-IW-PRO over the UniFi Controller , it can of course also be used in stand-alone mode as a "single access point". For that, you need to configure the device via the manufacturer's app.



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