Game presentation – All games in the Everdell world

13. March 2024 Pegasus
Streams meander around lush green hills in the picturesque Everdell valley. It has been a long time since the great adventurer Corrin Immerschweif discovered the hidden realm. Since then, a whole civilization of small creatures has been living under the canopy of the strong and magnificent evergreen tree. In the [...]
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About Banana Pi Open Source Hardware Community

29. February 2024 SinoVoip
Banana Pi open source hardware community (OSC) is an open source hardware project led by Guangdong Bipai Technology, and supported by Taiwan Hon Hai Technology (Foxconn). Banana Pi open source hardware series development board, complete the core system and architecture design. The development documents, software, and hardware (including schematic diagrams) [...]
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Card games for two: Two is a Party!

28. February 2024 ASS-Altenburger
Whether mom and daughter, grandma and grandchild, grandpa and grandpa, best friend and second best friend (oh oh!), bench neighbor and bench neighbor, lovers and lovers: There are so many things that are wonderful to do as a couple. Which are perhaps even the most beautiful when there are two [...]
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Upgrade your Workspace with CRS310-8G+2S+IN

27. February 2024 MikroTik

Take advantage of the blazing fast 2.5/10 Gigabit combo and upgrade your workspace! This switch can utilize the full potential of RouterOS v7: run VLANs, Jumbo frames, link aggregation, ACL rules, and so much more! The world of networking is on the move. Even small offices are shifting from Gigabit connections to the lightning-fast realm of 2.5 Gigabit connectivity. With CRS310-8G+2S+IN, MikroTik aims to give you the tools to outpace your competition.

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5 IoT Solutions for Industrial Safety

16. February 2024 MINEW Technologies

Industrial workplaces need to be safer. Around the world, nearly 400 million workers are injured on the job every year, according to the International Labour Organization. Almost 3 million people lose their lives to workplace accidents and illnesses. Traditional safety programs, where they’ve been implemented, clearly aren’t enough to eliminate workplace hazards. A new generation of IoT tools and applications is helping to change the industrial-safety status quo.

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The Archer T3U – Mini Size, Big Performance

14. February 2024 TP-LINK

Wireless AC technology means Archer T3U delivers connections that are up to 3x faster than with the previous Wireless N standard. High-speed Wi-Fi (up to 867Mbps over the 5GHz band and 400Mbps over the 2.4GHz band) means Archer T3U is able to support all your online activities, from HD video streaming to lag-free online gaming and web surfing. TP-Links Archer T3U has a smart design that is tinier than a usual USB adapter. ot only could it be inserted into any USB port, but is quite easy to carry.

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Dantoy – A family business

12. February 2024 Dantoy
Dantoy has been developing and producing high-quality toys in Denmark for over 60 years and is one of the largest manufacturers of plastic toys in Scandinavia. It is also a proud family business that has been passed down through several generations. They specialize in the production of high-quality toys for [...]
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UniFi Identity is an IT Manager´s Dream come true

8. February 2024 Ubiquiti
UniFi Identity is the ultimate on-premises solution for seamless access and control, with single-site support. Grant One-Click WiFi, One-Click VPN, Door Access, and EV Charging permissions to your users and let them effortlessly access these features — all with a simple click. Requirements It runs on any UniFi Cloud [...]
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The World of Humblewood

26. January 2024 Pegasus
Welcome to the forest of Humblewood! Slip into the roles of anthropomorphic heroes and dive into the adventure! Humblewood by Pegasus Spiele is a fantastic new role-playing game setting for the 5th edition rulebook. In the adventurous story in the eponymous forest, you embody a character from the ranks of [...]
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VIGI Intelligent Security Solutions


VIGI’s professional security system is designed to protect your business around the clock. With comprehensive product categories, outstanding AI and image functions, guaranteed quality and easy installation, we ensure maximum security and flexibility for your company. How can I select the most suitable VIGI devices? With the VIGI calculation tool, you can easily calculate the required video capacity, bandwidth and lens. Based on the calculation results, you can select the right hard disk.

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